क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / MEQ / 00-00-2-1149 Procurement of all material, development, manufacture, inspection, testing, examination, transportation, type tests, simulation test, special type tests & supply of High Flux Electric Heaters for 700 MWe Pressuriser as per NPCIL Technical Specification No- PC-E-00114 Rev-0 & delivery at TAPS-3&4 Stores, Tarapur Maharashtra Site (TMS).21/09/201830/10/201830/10/2018
2 NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2018 / PT-86 Hiring of Alternate 10 Mbps dedicated internet Lease Line over wireless media on dual last mile basis for a period of 36 months.21/09/201828/09/201809/10/2018
3 MAPS / CTC / MM / PUBLIC / 761 (RT ET448) / 2018 Cleaning, Inspection, Calibration and Certification of various measuring instruments of MM section at MAPS.18/09/201825/09/201805/10/2018
4 CMM / EIC / 00-10-3-3407 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)/ Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)/ for Technical/Engineering support system (TESS) for PLM for the period of three years at NPCIL HQ-Mumbai, KAPP-3&4 & RAPP-7&8.14/09/201822/10/201822/10/2018
5 CMM / MEQ / 20-00-2-1145 Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Inspection, Shop Test, Packing, Transport and Transit Insurance and Supply of Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps along with Recommended Spares as per PC-E-00100-R0 for PCPTF at R&D Center, Tarapur, Maharashtra.12/09/201823/10/201823/10/2018
6 CMM / MEQ / 20-33-2-1144 Supply of Narrow Gap Automatic Orbital Welding Machine complete with all required Accessories, Tools, Essential/Mandatory spares, Recommended spares, Hardware, Software etc. along with Inspection & Testing, Commissioning, Demonstration and Training as per Technical Specification No. PC-E-00047 R1 to R&D Centre, Tarapur, Maharashtra. 06/09/201816/10/201816/10/2018
7 CMM / EIC / 00-00-3-3404 Annual Maintenance Contract/Comprehensive maintenance, monitoring and operation contract for Audio Visual Systems installed in Auditorium, Board rooms, Seminar hall, Conference rooms at various NPCIL offices(NUB, VSB, WTC, Guest Houses) in Mumbai for the period of Two(years). 20/08/201824/09/201824/09/2018
8 CMM / OPS / 00-00-9-3188 supply of Automatic Orbital TIG Welding Machine (AOTWM) with spares and Training for RAPS-2.16/08/201828/09/201828/09/2018
9 CMM / MEQ / 25-26-2-1143 Design, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Erection, Commissioning, Performance Guarantee (PG) and Handing Over of Equipment and Components of Ventilation, Chilled Water and Fire Fighting Systems for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Projects - 3&4.16/08/201827/09/201827/09/2018
10 CMM / MEQ / 25-26-2-1142 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Handling, Transportation, Pre-fabrication, Pre-assembly, Assembly, Welding, Erection, Inspection, Commissioning, Load Testing and Handing over of the Material Handling Equipment & Trestle metal structures and Handling, Transportation, Prefabrication, Pre-assembly, Assembly, Welding, Erection, Inspection, Commissioning, Load Testing of Material Handling Equipment provided by Purchaser, for KKNPP-3&4 Project.14/08/201825/09/201825/09/2018