क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / OPS / 00 - 00 - 9 - 3227 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing,Assembly, Testing & Qualification and Supply of Hatch Beam Openings Sealing System (HBOSS) along with Spares and imparting training to NPCIL personnel at KAPS and supervision during actual execution of work at site.11/01/201918/02/201918/02/2019
2 CMM / EIC / 00-00-3-3424 Supply, Inspection, Testing, Installation, Erection and Commissioning of Field Instruments for PCP Test Facility, Service Water System and Process Water System at R&D Centre, Tarapur.08/01/201907/02/201907/02/2019
3 CMM / OPS / 02-00-9-3231 Design, Engineering, Procurement of Raw Material & Standard Components, Manufacturing, Assembly Testing, Qualification and Supply of Automatic Orbital Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Machine (AOTWM) with all required accessories, tools, essential spares, hardware, software for RAPS-2 Site along with inspection, testing and training of site personnel.08/01/201929/01/201929/01/2019
4 CMM / FTP / 00 - 33 - 1 - 1197 Preparation of detailed fabrication drawings and documents, procurement of balance material (other than Free Issue Material), fabrication, inspection, examination, testing, preservation, tropical packaging, safe delivery at site and performance guarantee of set of Steam Generators and associated handling / erection / installation structures and Mandatory Spares for 700 MWe PHW Reactors under Fleet Mode.01/01/201914/02/201914/02/2019
5 CMM / MEQ / 20 - 50 - 2 - 1153 Design,Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Testing, Packing, Transportation, Safe Delivery to Site, Unloading, Storage cum Insurance, Handling, Erection, Testing & Commissioning at Site, Handing over and Guarantee of 220 kV Switchyard Extension,Substation, Fire Water Pump House (FWPH) and Fire alarm and protection system etc. for Reliable Electrical Power Supply System as per the Technical Specification and Drawings at Tarapur Maharashtra Site.20/12/201824/01/201924/01/2019