क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 NPCIL / BHAV / 2018 / 01 Providing one year old 1 No. of TATA Bolt XE Diesel car on monthly rental basis for NPCIL office, Bhavnagar for 2 years.12/11/201819/11/201826/11/2018
2 CMM / OPS / 00_33_9_3220 Procurement of raw material, manufacturing, inspection, testing, packing & safe delivery of feeder venturies & orifices as per section c-technical specification of stores.06/11/201810/12/201810/12/2018
3 CMM / EIC / 22_60_3_3417 Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Quality Assurance, Routine and Acceptance Tests, Packing and Forwarding, Transportation & Safe Delivery of type tested equipment along with guarantee of Absolute / Integral Orifice / Mild Environment / Remote diaphragm seal Electronic Transmitters for RAPP-7&8.06/11/201817/12/201817/12/2018
4 CMM / OPS / 01-00-9-3222 Design Manufacturing ,Mock-Up, Testing, Qualification, Packing & Supply of Tube ID Cleaning System of Steam Generator along with Erection and Commissioning at Site as per Section C-Technical Specification of Stores30/10/201804/12/201804/12/2018
5 CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1195 Procurement of Raw Materials, Machining, Heat Treatment, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Packing, Safe Delivery & Guarantee of End Fittings and Associated Components as per Drawings and Technical Specification for GHAVP – 1&2 Project, Haryana.30/10/201813/12/201813/12/2018
6 CMM / OPS / 00-73-9-3214 Manufacturing, Quality assurance, Inspection and supply of SS Pipes fittings to operating stations located at different sites as per Section C -Technical specification of Stores.26/10/201830/11/201830/11/2018
7 CMM / OPS / 00-73-9-3196 (R1) Manufacturing, Quality assurance, Inspection and supply of SS Pipes to 8 operating stations located at 5 different sites as per Section C -Technical specification of Stores.26/10/201803/12/201803/12/2018
8 CMM / OPS / 00-31-9-3217 Manufacture, Inspection, Assembly, Testing, Packing and Supply of Reactor Coolant Channel Shielding Plug Assemblies for RAPS-3, Rawatbhata and KGS-1, Kaiga Units.23/10/201829/11/201829/11/2018
9 CMM / EIC / 20-00-3-3415 Supply and Warranty, Installation, Testing, Integrated Commissioning, Training and Handing over of the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) for PCP Pump & Motor Performance Test for PCPTF at R&D Centre, Tarapur.17/10/201821/11/201821/11/2018
10 CMM / HMP / 06-33-10-131 Procurement of Raw Material, Heat Treatment, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Protective Coating, Packing, Safe Delivery and Guarantee of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes (Pipes for PHT Feeders) for KGS-1 & RAPS-3.11/10/201815/11/201815/11/2018