क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / FTP / 00-33-1-1179 Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Tropical Packaging and Ex-Works Supply of Pressuriser and Bleed Condenser Forgings of Material SA 508 Gr.3 CL1 for Future 700MWe PHWRs (4 №). 21/05/201803/07/201803/07/2018
2 CMM / OPS / 00-73-9-3170 Manufacturing, Inspection and Testing andSupply of Chemical Addition Tanks for Containment Filtered Venting System.18/05/201822/06/201822/06/2018
3 CMM / MEQ / 60-81-2-1136 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Surveillance, Testing at Manufacturer’s works, procurement & supply of equipment and materials, erection, testing and commissioning and performance testing of 300KWp grid tied solar photovoltaic system with associated components for successful installation at GHAVP-1&2 site.15/05/201821/06/201821/06/2018
4 NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2018 / PT - 82 A Construction of Transit Infrastructure for Fire and Industrial Safety Establishment along with surrounding area development wo rks at Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana (GHAVP), Gorakhpur, Distt. - Fatehabad, Haryana14/05/201826/05/201806/06/2018
5 CMM / EIC / 00-10-3-3388 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) for Operation, day to day management and maintenance of EPABX Voice mail system, FAX mail system and associated equipments and Telephone internal field cabling maintenance with resident support at NPCIL Head Quarter, Mumbai for the period of Two years. 11/05/201825/05/201825/05/2018
6 CMM / OPS / 58-50-09-3164 Supply, Installation and Commissioning, Acceptance Testing of Lead Acid Battery Banks (360V DC) & Battery Stands.07/05/201812/06/201812/06/2018
7 CMM / EIC / 22-60-3-3384 Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Testing, Inspection, Packing & Forwarding, Transportation & Safe Delivery and Warranty of Integral Coaxial Inconel 3-Pitch Long Self Powered Neutron Detectors (SPND) including mandatory spares for RAPP-7&8. 02/05/201805/06/201805/06/2018
8 CMM / OPS / 71-50-09-3146 Rewinding of Turbo Generator Stator Core (Presently Available at KGS, Karwar) at Bidders Work or RAPS 5&6.27/04/201801/06/201801/06/2018
9 CMM / OPS / 00-15-9-3157 Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Delivery of Passive Catalytic Recombiner Devices (PCRD).23/04/201830/05/201830/05/2018
10 CMM / MEQ / 20-00-2-1138 Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Shop Test, Inspection, Packing, Supply, Transport, Erection & Commissioning at Site of 60T/20T Double Girder and 5T Single Girder EOT Cranes with Rail, Insulated Bus Bar along with Recommended Spares and Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for 3 years for PCPTF at R&D Centre, Tarapur Maharashtra site.20/04/201829/05/201829/05/2018