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11 Oct 2017   Report on Inauguration of CSR Project of E-learning - TMS.
10 Oct 2017   CSR Report on dedication of Borewell to Bhavanipura Primary School - Mithivirdi.
06 Oct 2017   Report on Distribution of School aids in neighbouring Schools of TMS.
22 Sep 2017   Report on Inauguration of various facilities of Primary School, Vadi Faliya, Village Moticher under CSR Project - Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
07 Sep 2017   State-Level MSME Vendor Development Program for SC/ST Entrepreneurs - Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
06 Sep 2017   Reports on dedication of sound system to Schools - Mithi Virdi.
20 Jul 2017   Halls of Nuclear Power” - Promotion through FM Radio Channels.
10 Jul 2017   Distribution Of Assistive Devices To 274 No Specially Abled Persons From Neighbourhood Villages Of TMS.
06 Jul 2017   NPCIL provides 220 MW NPP Model to Dhenkanal Science Centre, Dhenkanal, Odisha.
29 Jun 2017   Report of Faculties of Allen Coaching Kota visit at RR Site.
23 Jun 2017   Journalist Workshop conducted on 8th June 2017 - TMS.
23 Jun 2017   Mega-impetus to training in public communication- KKNPP trains 50 resource-persons as NPCIL gears up for its macro-leap.
21 Jun 2017   Report on Construction of toilets block under NDP at GHAVP.
19 Jun 2017   World Environment Day - 2017 - RR Site.
22 May 2017   Lecture Program organized on National Technology Day at Nehru Science Centre on May 11, 2017.
11 May 2017   The first 6.6 kV load of KAPP-3 has been started.
17 Apr 2017   Report of Seminar on Nuclear Energy and Radiological Safety conducted at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar on 30 March 2017 - Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
14 Feb 2017   Nuclear Energy Awareness Program for Doctors from Terna Medical College, Navi Mumbai - TMS.
10 Feb 2017   Report on Lecture under INSPIRE Programme.
08 Feb 2017   Report on Public outreach during Vendex-2 2017, Industrial Exhibition cum National Vendor Development Program, Thane - TMS.
02 Feb 2017   Inauguration of Primary Health Centre at Popharan - TMS.
23 Jan 2017   Report on “5th Anumathak Quiz Championship (Year-2016)” organized by Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
23 Jan 2017   Report on 9th Kakrapar Anumathak Open Volleyball Tournament (2017)' conducted by Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
19 Jan 2017   Press Report on Kaiga Bird Marathon - 2017.
05 Jan 2017   Report of Vendor Development Programme at “VIBRANT VIA EXPO-2016 for Micro & Small Enterprises.
04 Jan 2017   NPCIL provides 220 MW NPP Model to Pimpri Chinchwad Science Park (PCSP), Pune.
02 Aug 2016   Completion of Calandria Tube installation at RAPP-7.
02 Aug 2016   Charging of RAPP-7&8 400kV Switchyard.
08 Jul 2016   Report on World Yoga Day-2016 : Celebration in Plant Neighbourhood, Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
13 Jun 2016   Report on signing ceremony of MoU between NPCIL - Kakrapar, Gujarat Site & Sulabh International Social Service Organization
11 May 2016   NPCIL highlights its cleanliness and environment protection initiatives during Swachchta Pakhwada at HWB
04 May 2016   LP Turbine Erection at KAPP - 3&4.
20 Apr 2016   A report on KKNPP’s participation in The Hindu Education Fair - 2016.
11 Apr 2016   Report on the Training Programme - TMS.
14 Mar 2016   Report on National Productivity Week celebration with SGPC - at Kakrapar Gujarat Site
08 Mar 2016   Report on Journalists Workshop at RR Site
22 Feb 2016   Report on Journalists Workshop at RR Site
15 Feb 2016   Report of Vendor Development Programme at “Ankleshwar Industries Association” INDUSTRIAL EXPO-2016 for Micro & Small Enterprises .
09 Feb 2016   Report on Training Programs & Workshop for Preparedness and Medical Management for Radiological Emergencies organized for Non DAE Doctors, Non DAE Para Medics and Doctors of Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi.
08 Feb 2016   Report on special drive for ‘Emergency Preparedness’ Awareness Programme conducted in coordination with Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA), Surat in surrounding schools of Kakrapar Gujarat Site.
08 Feb 2016   Prestigious Award from Russian Federation to Shri R. S. Sundar.
28 Jan 2016   NPCIL’s immaculate safety and environmental performance vis-a-vis employee motivation discussed at National Conference in Delhi.
19 Jan 2016   Inauguration of Hall of Nuclear Power at National Science Centre, New Delhi.
19 Jan 2016   Report on Public Awareness activity carried out during - KAIGA Bird Marathon 2016.
05 Jan 2016   Report of Vend Expo-2015 for Micro & Small Enterprises from 18th to 20th December 2015.
01 Jan 2016   NPCIL Conferred with PRSI National Award 2015.
28 Dec 2015   Training programme for State Government doctors of Palghar district - TMS
30 Oct 2015   Generator Stator (the heaviest equipment) erection at KAPP-3 on 29-10-2015
27 Oct 2015   Report on Seismic Event of 26 Oct 2015 - NAPS
16 Oct 2015   Shri N. Nagaich, Director (HR), NPCIL delivered presentation in Technical Meeting of IAEA held during October 5-8, 2015 in Japan
16 Oct 2015   Celebration of One Year completion of Swatchta Abhiyan at Kakrapar Gujarat Site,by organising Clean & Green Campaign and Mini-Marathon on Gandhi Jayanti - 2015
16 Oct 2015   Report on signing of MoU between NPCIL-Kakrapar & ALIMCO
13 Oct 2015   TAPS 3 & 4 Visit Report of K J Somaiya College under MSAP
01 Oct 2015   Symposium on Nuclear Energy for Better Life & Environment - Kaiga Generating Station
22 Sep 2015   TAPS-3&4 has been conferred with prestigious Safety Awards
22 Sep 2015   SUT # 3A & 3B Charging at KAPP 3&4
18 Sep 2015   International Atomic Energy Agency 59th General Conference, Vienna, 16 September 2015
11 Sep 2015   Report on visit of participants of International Training Program on Audit of State owned enterprises - NAPS
28 Aug 2015   Visit of Air force personnel to Narora Atomic Power Station
27 Aug 2015   Deaerator Storage Tank erection at KAPP-3&4
21 Aug 2015   Utthama Suraksha Puraskara Award for Kaiga - 3&4
07 Aug 2015   Public Awareness Programme - Job Fair
27 Jul 2015   Visit of Probationary Officers, Indian Information Services (IIS), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India to Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) 3&4
15 Jul 2015   Report: Bhoomi Pooja for construction of Mid-day meal hall for the Higher Primary School, Kurnipet village on 10.07.2015 - Kaiga Site
14 Jul 2015   MOU signed for New Skill Development program under CSR at RR Site
10 Jul 2015   KAPP-3 Steam Generators successfully installed-July 2015
06 Jul 2015   Report on International Yoga Divas celebration by Kakrapar Gujarat Site
29 Jun 2015   Report on Faculty Development Program on Emerging Trends in Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution - NAPS
29 Jun 2015   Observance of International Yoga Day on 21-06-2015 at NPCIL, RR Site
26 Jun 2015   Report of Vendor Meet-2015 for Micro & Small Enterprises on 16th June, 2015
23 Jun 2015   Training Programme on Communication Skills for Effective Outreach at KAPS site
23 Jun 2015   Highlights of Skill Development program under CSR at RR Site
17 Jun 2015   An attempt to save turtles - Project Turtle - Narora, Science Reporter, June - 2015
25 May 2015   Award for outstanding achievement in Social Welfare Programme by Business House (NPCIL-Kakrapar Gujarat Site)
25 May 2015   A report on cheque handing over to Smt. Anandiben Patel, Honourable Chief Minister, Gujarat.
15 Apr 2015   Report on Public Awareness Program – National vender development programme cum Industrial Exhibition MSME -2015 at HUBBALI from 27 & 28 March-2015
08 Apr 2015   Report on a Study "Effect of Cumulative Low Dose Ionizing Radiation on Human Eye Lens"
07 Apr 2015   Report on Training Program for Accredited Social Health Activists [ASHAs] Debai Block, Bulandshahr District
07 Apr 2015   Glimses of the Training Program for Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) Debai Block, Bulandshahr District
19 Mar 2015   Report on Specialist’s lecture Program organized for Scientists and Technocrats of Narora Atomic Power Station at Bhabha Auditorium, NAPS
11 Mar 2015   A Report on an Eye Camp under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Kakrapar Gujarat Site
09 Mar 2015   RR Site Participation in Science Day Celebration at Science Centre, Kota
27 Feb 2015   NPCIL receives Best Vigyan Pavilion Award in Bhopal Vigyan Mela – 2015
23 Feb 2015   Report on visit to Community Bio-gas Plants by nearby villagers organized by Kakrapar Gujarat Site under Corporate Social Responsibility.
20 Feb 2015   Report on “3rd Anumathak Quiz Championship”.
18 Feb 2015   30th DAE Sports & Cultural Meet 2014 - Kabaddi Tournament : NAPS.
12 Feb 2015   Report: “Diabetes & Hypertension Diagnostic Camp” By KAPS HOSPITAL Held at Unchamala Village On,01st Feb 2015.
11 Feb 2015   Narora Bird Marathon - 2015.
06 Feb 2015   Celebration of World Cancer Day on 4th Feb - NAPS.
06 Feb 2015   Report on completion of first batch of Skill Development Program (Computer Education) Under CSR - NPCIL Kaiga Site.
03 Feb 2015   “Distribution of Solar lanterns to School children at LPS - Bare Honnekoppa and LPS Basal village” under CSR by NPCIL, Kaiga Site.
03 Feb 2015   Visit of Young Media Professionals of St. Xaviers College, Mumbai and other dignitaries to Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) 3&4 under M-SAP (Media Students Adaptation Programme) - January 22-23, 2015.
30 Jan 2015   Report on inauguration of School infrastructure facility development at Primary school Village: Vadkui - Kakrapar Gujarat Site
23 Jan 2015   Towards Zero Emission of Greenhouse Gases
21 Jan 2015   Report on workshop on “Land Acquisition and R&R - Current Scenario” - Visakhapatnam
09 Jan 2015   Report on Drawing Competition in neighborhood schools : Kakrapar Gujarat Site
02 Jan 2015   Distribution of educational aids to students of Government Primary Schools of nearby areas of NAPS during FY 2013-14.
02 Jan 2015   Free distribution of tricycles to handicapped persons from nearby areas of Narora Atomic Power Station
19 Aug 2014   COG Appreciation - World Record by Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, Unit # 5
04 Jul 2014   Winged Visitor : ESP, Kaiga
06 Jun 2014   NPCIL, Kaiga, Information KIOSK inaugurated in District Science Centre, Karwar
05 Jun 2014   Part Nuclear Gallery at Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Center, Chennai opens for public
29 May 2014   First End Shield of 700 MWe PHWR project lowered in Calandria Vault at KAPP#3 on 29-05-14
11 Mar 2014   Celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March - NAPS
10 Mar 2014   Report on “Eye Camp - 2014” - Kakrapar Gujarat Site
10 Mar 2014   National Safety Week commences at KKNPP
06 Mar 2014   Signing ceremony of MoU between NPCIL-Kakrapar Gujarat Site & Panchayat (R&B) Division Vyara-Tapi for Road Development in village: Limarada under CSR projects
28 Feb 2014   Report on Group marriage organized at KAPS Township, Anumala on February 16, 2014 - Kakrapar Gujarat Site
18 Dec 2013   NPCIL launches a new coffee table book "The Journey of NPCIL”
14 Oct 2013   A report on capacity building workshop on scientific methods for bird monitoring and habitat management
08 Oct 2013   Press Note: Off Site Emergency Exercise completed successfully on 04-10-2013 - RR Site
19 Sep 2013   Inaugural Program of newly constructed Hostel building at Ashram Shala Village: Vazarada - Kakrapar Gujarat Site
19 Sep 2013   27th NPCIL Formation Day Celebrations at JNPP
26 Sep 2012   The Cranes’ Castle.
25 Sep 2012   NPCIL participates in the India Nuclear Energy 2012 Exhibition
25 Sep 2012   A Garden for Butterflies
07 Sep 2012   7 Eden and 70 Faires - Some Reflections
30 Apr 2012   Workshop cum Training on e-tendering for contracting agencies
30 Apr 2012   NPCIL invites application for On-line Vendor Registration at HQ (Mumbai) and at NPCIL sites for the year 2012-13, w.e.f. 02-05-2012
07 Jun 2011   Foreign funds fuelled Jaitapur protest : DNA, Mumbai
07 Jun 2011   Govt Eye on NGO Money Laundering : DNA, Mumbai
05 May 2011   NPCIL has launched Online Vendor Registration Module w.e.f. 1st April 2011 and open upto 30th September 2011 at HQ, Mumbai.
02 May 2011   Request to Pensioners of NPCIL HQ, Mumbai
23 Apr 2011   Results of written test - Recruitment of stipendiary trainee (Technician)
11 Apr 2011   Provisional Results for the year ended 31st March, 2011
08 Apr 2011   FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE 2010-11 (Provisional figures)