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TenderPublished DateLast Date of SaleLast Date of ReceiptSubject
KAPP -3&4 / C&MM / CAP / 2256 27/04/201708/05/201708/05/2017Transportation of Hatch Beams. (Public Tender)
NPCIL / CMPAPP / JBP / 2017 / TRANSPORT / PT- 23 24/04/201702/05/201717/05/2017Supply and operation of vehicles (model not older than 2015) as and when required for two years duration on contract basis for CMPAPP office Jabalpur (M.P.).
CMM / HMP / 23-30-10-096 21/04/201711/05/201711/05/2017Manufacturing, Inspection, Examination, Testing, Documentation, Supply, Preservation, Packaging, Guarantee and Safe Delivery of Bellow Sealed Globe and Globe Valves for KAPP -3&4 and RAPP -7&8.
NPCIL / CMPAPP / JBP / 2017 / ENGG.SERVICES / PT -24 21/04/201702/05/201717/05/2017Technical engineering services Contract for assistance in day-to-day function in Technical Engineering Services, Technical Supervisory Services and Technical Draftsman services work for two years at CMPAPP.
CMM / EIC / 60-81-3-3338 21/04/201726/05/201726/05/2017Supply, Documentation, Demonstration, Training, Warranty and Two Years Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) for SODAR System for GHAVP-1&2.
CMM / FTP / 10-35-1-1164 21/04/201706/06/201706/06/2017Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Packing, Guarantee, Supply and Delivery of FM Bridge & Carriage Assemblies and Spares as per Drawings and Technical Specification PC-E-1060 for GHAVP – 1&2 Project.
CMM / EIC / 60-82-3-3339 27/03/201702/05/201702/05/2017Supply and Warranty of XLPE 1.1KV and 11KV Cables, Aluminium, armoured, conforming to IS -7098 for GHAVP -1&2.