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TenderPublished DateLast Date of SaleLast Date of ReceiptSubject
CMM / FTP / 10-33-1-1168 24/11/201709/01/201809/01/2018(i) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and Transportation of Pressuriser assembly along with transportation & handling structures and mandatory spares and (ii) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and delivery of Bleed Condenser assembly along with support structures and mandatory spares for GHAVP-1&2.
CMM / FTP / 23-73-1-1159 17/11/201727/12/201727/12/2017Procurement of Chemical Addition SS Tank (SA 240 Type 304L) for Containment Filtered Venting System as per Technical Specification, Drawings and Tender Documents for KAPP-3&4 and RAPP-7&8.
CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1178 16/11/201728/12/201728/12/2017Procurement of Material, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Assembly, Packing, Delivery and Guarantee of Calandria Vault Top Hatch Cover Beam and Deck Plate Assembly and Accessories as per Technical Specification PC-E-261 Rev.3 for GHAVP-1.
KAPP - 3&4 / C&MM / CAP / 2365 15/11/201719/12/201719/12/2017Supply of "Hydrodyne" make Metallic Face seal. (Public Tender)
KAPP - 3&4 / C&MM / CAP / 2471 15/11/201719/12/201719/12/2017Supply of Videoscope System. (Public Tender)
KAPS - 1&2 / C&MM / EMU / 13545 15/11/201719/12/201719/12/2017Design, manufacture, testing, guarantee and supply of 04 no. of battery banks. (Public Tender)
KAPP - 3&4 / C&MM / CAP / 0907 15/11/201726/12/201726/12/2017Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Functional Performance Testing, Demonstration, Training and warrantee of one year of full set for Multi Channel Analyser. (Public Tender)