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TenderPublished DateLast Date of SaleLast Date of ReceiptSubject
CMM / HMP / 10-30-10-112 31/10/201705/12/201705/12/2017Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Packaging, Forwarding, Safe Delivery and Guarantee of Preformed Pipe Custom Bend for GHAVP-1 And 2.
KAPS-1&2 / C&MM / MMU / 12682 27/10/201715/12/201715/12/2017Channel Plate Gaskets FOR ALFA LAVAL PLATE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER Model: AX30 BFG . Material : Nitrile part no. --8 Drg. no- 21081 ALFA VULCAN LAVAL AS PER ATTACHED. (one end plate gaskets=two channel plate gasket) (Public Tender)
KAPS-1&2 / C&MM / MMU / 13454 27/10/201708/12/201708/12/2017Design ,Manufacturing ,supply & Guarantee of Diesel engine driven. Auxiliary Boiler Feed Pump as per attached specification. (Public Tender)
CMM / MEQ / 20-33-2-1135 18/10/201722/11/201722/11/2017Manufacturing, Inspection, Examination, Testing, Documentation, Guarantee & Supply of Canned Motor Pump along with Mandatory spare parts for NTTF/R&D Centre Test Facilities, Tarapur 3&4 site, Tarapur, Maharashtra.
CMM / TAPS - 1&2 / TSS / 55265 17/10/201729/11/201729/11/2017Fabrication and supply of High Density spent fuel storage rack. (Single Tender)
CMM / TAPS - 1&2 / IT / 55978 17/10/201729/11/201729/11/2017Supply of Desktop PC. (Single Tender)
CMM / TAPS - 1&2 / 55966 17/10/201729/11/201729/11/2017Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of automatic organic waste composting / converter machine. (Single Tender)