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24 May 2017   First time 400 kV Switchyard of KAPP-3&4 has been charged.
11 May 2017   NDCT#3A tower structure construction completed on 11-05-17.
29 Apr 2017   RAPS-3&4 Major Achievements Significant Developments & Important Events for the month April 2017.
20 Apr 2017   TAPS-3&4 has been conferred with NSCI Safety Award-2016. TAPS-3&4 has won the safety Award Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar (Silver Trophy & Certificate).
31 Mar 2017   Major Achievements , Significant Developments & Important Events of TMS for March 2017 – reg.
30 Dec 2016   NPCIL Conferred with 38th PRSI National Award - 2016 for "Halls of Nuclear Power" & " Nation wide Media Facilitation and Public Relations".
01 Dec 2016   Report on major achievements, significant developments and important events of Kakrapar Gujarat Site for the month of November-2016.
28 Oct 2016   Dedication of Unit-2 of KKKNP to the Indo-Russian Friendship and Co-operation and laying of Foundation Concrete for Units 3&4 of KKNPP.
30 Sep 2016   “Dr. Homi Bhabha Anumathak Sankritik Bhavan” an assembly hall constructed by NPCIL - Kakrapar Gujarat Site at Uttar Buniyadi Kanya Vidyalaya premises in village- Bedkuvadur was dedicated to the public on September 07, 2016.
30 Sep 2016   Kakrapar Atomic Power Station Unit-1&2 received National Safety Award as Runner-Up for its outstanding performance in Industrial Safety during the Performance Year 2014 in achieving Accident Free Year.
30 Aug 2016   Press Release: Kudankulam Unit 2 Synchronised with the Grid.
23 Aug 2016   The Hall of Nuclear Power, Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, Chennai was Dedicated to the Nation by the Hon’ble CM of Tamil Nadu by video conferencing on 5th August 2016
23 Aug 2016   Dedication of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Unit-1 To Indo-Russian Friendship and Cooperation on August 10, 2016
Jul-2016   During the month, generation by all units of NPCIL was 3258 MUs and 100% availability factor was achieved by 11 Reactor Units.
29 Jul 2016   Dedication of “Anumathak Glaucoma Unit” to public in Mandvi Town(Dist-Surat), Gujarat.
27 Jul 2016   Installation work of Calandria Tubes completed in Unit #7 of Rajasthan Atomic Power Project -7&8.
Jul-2016   By the end of month, KKNPP-1 was in continuous operation for 160 days.
11 Jul 2016   Unit #2 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Attained First Criticality on July 10, 2016
11 Jul 2016   Unit #2 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project Attained First Criticality on July 10, 2016 - in Hindi.