S.No. Tender No. Description Published Date Last Date of Sale Last Date of Receipt
1 CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1208 Standpipe Thimble Package for GHAVP- 1&2.06/12/201911/02/202011/02/2020
2 CMM / MEQ / 75-22-2-1164 Design, Detailed Engineering, Preparation of Drawings, Documents, Procurement of materials and items, Manufacture, Shop Inspection, Testing at the manufacturer's works, Packing, Forwarding, Transportation & Safe Delivery to KKNPP Site, Supervision during final Assembly, Testing & Commissioning at KKNPP site, Handing over and Warranty of complete set of "Heavy Lift Crawler Crane" including Standard Structure, Booms, Accessories, Counter weight trailer (Counterweights of Superstructure and Counterweight trailer), Tools & Tackles, Mandatory Spares and Recommended Spares as per the Tender Specification for KKNPP- 3&4 Project site, Kudankulam, Tamilnadu.04/12/201903/02/202003/02/2020
3 CMM / EIC / 23-60-3-3473 Supply, Routine and Acceptance Tests and Type Tests alongwith guarantee of Electronic Transmitters for Harsh Environment for KAPP-3&4.04/12/201910/01/202010/01/2020
4 CMM / MEQ / 10-71-2-1165 PLANT WATER PACKAGE (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning & Trial Operation and Operation & Maintenance of CLO2 & DM Plant for 700MWe Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor type Nuclear Power Plant) for Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana Unit 1 & 2, Haryana.03/12/201925/02/202025/02/2020
5 CMM / MEQ / 22-50-2-1170 Design, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture, Quality Assurance, Routine and Acceptance Tests, Packing & Forwarding, Transportation and Safe delivery of Type Tested Cable Trays & Accessories, confirming to requirement of Tender specification and Drawings, for RAPP-7&8 project.02/12/201907/01/202007/01/2020
6 CMM / HMP / 20-00-10-141 Procurement, Testing and Supply of CS and SS Pipe Fittings for Primary Coolant Pump Test Facility (PCPTF) at R&D Centre, Tarapur.02/12/201916/12/201916/12/2019
7 CMM / OPS / 56-50-9-3272 Supply of Electrical Equipments / Systems for On Site Emergency Support Center at six sites of NPCIL i.e. RAPS, KAPS, MAPS, TAPS, KGS & NAPS and Installation & Commissioning at RAPS only.27/11/201915/01/202015/01/2020
8 CMM / HMP / 91-55-10-144 Preparation of Drawings, Procurement of Raw Material, Fabrication of Pipes, Manholes with Gaskets & Fasteners & Mitres including Spider Stiffeners, Inspection, Testing, Painting, Documentation, Slippers for Transportation & Storage at Site, Packing, Forwarding, Transportation & Safe Delivery to Site and Guarantee of Carbon Steel Condenser Cooling Water Pipelines for KKNPP-5&6.25/11/201930/12/201930/12/2019
9 CMM / EIC / 00-60-3-3468 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC) of Two SCADE Suites (4 Licenses) for the period of Three years.19/11/201924/12/201924/12/2019
10 CMM / FTP / 00-31-1-1206 Engineering, Preparation of Manufacturing Drawings, Procurement of Raw materials and standard components, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and Supply of 700 MWe Cobalt Adjustor Rod Shielding Flask and Evener Beam for 700 MWe Cobalt Adjustor Rod Shielding Flask for RAPP-7&8, NPCIL, Rawatbhata, P.O. Anushakti, Rajasthan - 323303.31/10/201912/12/201912/12/2019