क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / MEQ / 25-26-2-1179 Design, Development, Procurement of Raw Material, Manufacture, Fabrication, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, Seismic & Air Shock wave Qualification, Performance Testing, Quality Surveillance, Packing, Forwarding, Shipment, Safe Delivery to Site and Guarantee of Ventilation Channel Closing Devices with Erection Accessories for Main Plant Ventilation and Air Conditioning (A/C) Systems for KKNPP-3&4 Project.27/07/202130/09/202130/09/2021
2 CMM / MEQ / 60-81-2-1173 Design, Engineering, Preparation of drawings, Manufacture, Assembly, Shop Inspection and Performance Load Testing at Manufacturer’s works, Packing, Transportation, Safe delivery, Providing Expert Services for Performance / Load Testing, Demonstration and Training at Site, Supply of Mandatory spares, Guarantee of 250 MT All Terrain Tyre mounted hydraulically operated Telescopic Mobile Crane for GHAVP-1&2 Project.22/07/202126/08/202126/08/2021
3 NPCIL / PFG / 2021-22 / TL02 Request for Quote(RFQ) for Term Loan of Rs 2000 Crores.20/07/202104/08/202104/08/2021
4 CMM / OPS / 58-60-9-3424 Supply of Analogue Transmitters for Severe Accident Parameter Monitoring System (SAPMS) at Six Stations Of NPCIL.16/07/202127/08/202127/08/2021
5 CMM / OPS / 58-60-9-3414 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Severe Accident Parameter Monitoring System (SAPMS) at Nine Stations of NPCIL i.e. KGS-1&2, KGS-3&4, MAPS-1&2, RAPS- 1&2, RAPS-3&4, RAPS-5&6, KAPS-1&2, NAPS-1&2 & TAPS-3&4.30/06/202120/08/202120/08/2021
6 CMM / EIC / 25-00-3-3516 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply and Five years Warranty of energy efficient seismically qualified LED luminaries complete with all accessories, LED lamps with suitable current control driver circuit for indoor and outdoor applications (excluding luminaries for reactor building and flameproof luminaries) for KKNPP-3&4 Project.18/06/202118/08/202118/08/2021
7 CMM / FTP / 09-35-1-1214 Tender along with Corrigendum - I, and Responses to pre bid queries - Procurement of Raw Materials, Manufacture,Inspection, Assembly, Shop Testing, Packing, Guarantee,Supply and Safe Delivery of FM Bridge and CarriageAssemblies and Spares for KAIGA-5and6 and GHAVP-3and4 Projects.28/04/202104/08/202104/08/2021