क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1201 Procurement of Raw Material, Manufacture, Inspection, Assembly, Shop Testing, Packing, Guarantee, Supply and Safe Delivery of Sealing Plug Assemblies, Seal Discs, Installation Rigs, Accessories and Spares for GHAVP-1&2 Project, Haryana.11/07/201921/08/201921/08/2019
2 CMM / MEQ / 20-33-2-1161 Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Testing and Supply of Gland Supply Pump (Triplex Plunger Pump) along with Motor, Accessories and Recommended Spares as per Technical Specification No. PC-E-00255-R1 for PCPTF (3310-P4) at R&D Centre, Tarapur, Maharashtra.10/07/201914/08/201914/08/2019
3 CMM / EIC / 22-60-3-3454 Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Routine and Type tests, Packing and Forwarding, Supply, Transportation & Safe Delivery and Training of Strong Motion Seismic Switches and Field Calibrator for RAPP-7&8 Project.27/06/201931/07/201931/07/2019
4 CMM / FTP / 00-00-1-1191 Tender along with Corrigendum-I and Corrigendum-II -Procurement of all Material, Development, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Transportation, Type Test, Special Type Test and Supply of High Voltage Electrical Penetration Assemblies for TDG, NPCIL, Mumbai.25/06/201929/08/201929/08/2019
5 CMM / MEQ / 20-33-2-1160 Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Inspection, Shop Test, Packing, Transport, Transit Insurance and Supply of Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps along with Motor and Recommended Spares as per PC-E-00100-R1 for PCPTF at R&D Center, Tarapur, Maharashtra.24/06/201930/07/201930/07/2019
6 CMM / EIC / 25-00-3-3436 Design & Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing & Fabrication, Testing & Qualification, assembly of bought out items & fabricated items, Inspection & Testing, Packaging and Delivery of Instrument Support Stands (Stainless steel and Titanium) and spare accessories meant for mounting of Control & Instrumentation Sensors/instruments of KKNPP-3&4 Project.21/06/201929/07/201929/07/2019
7 CMM / OPS / 00-32-9-3258 Development of Inspection System for the remote inspection of 540 MWe Moderator Heat Exchangers, shut down Heat Exchanger and Bleed Cooler by preparation of detail design drawing / procedure, fabrication, inspection, testing & trails, packing, delivery, erection-commissioning and guarantee of Positioning System.20/06/201926/07/201926/07/2019
8 CMM / EIC / 22-60-3-3451 Engineering, Manufacture, Procurement,Quality Assurance, Routine and Acceptance and Type Test, Packing & Forwarding, Transportation & Safe Delivery of type tested equipment, alongwith guarantee for Radiation Resistant (Screw & Solder type) Terminal Blocks for at RAPP-7&8 Project, Kota.18/06/201925/07/201925/07/2019
9 CMM / FTP / 10 - 33 - 1 - 1168 Tender along with Corrigendum-I, II,III and IV, Pre-Bid Response and Response to Additional Pre-Bid Query - (i) and (ii) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and Transportation of Pressuriser assembly along with transportation and handling structures and mandatory spares and (ii) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and delivery of Bleed Condenser assembly along with support structures and mandatory spares for GHAVP-1 and 2. 14/02/201902/08/201902/08/2019
10 CMM / FTP / 00 - 33 - 1 - 1197 Tender along with Corrigendum-I, II ,III, IV, V, VI and VII, Pre-Bid Replies (I) and (II), Pre-Bid Response and Response to balance Pre-Bid queries along with drawings - Preparation of detailed fabrication drawings and documents, procurement of balance material (other than Free Issue Material), fabrication, inspection, examination, testing, preservation, tropical packaging, safe delivery at site and performance guarantee of set of Steam Generators and associated handling / erection / installation structures and Mandatory Spares for 700 MWe PHW Reactors under Fleet Mode.01/01/201906/08/201906/08/2019