क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 NAPS / CTC / ADM / 2020 / LT / 873 Washing of Official Linen at NAPS.30/06/202007/07/202020/07/2020
2 NPCIL / GHAVP / CTC / 2020 / PT-124A Construction works of community reserve building in Kajalhedi and Dhanger village & construction of stage, development of play ground, providing drinking water facilities and associated civil works in schools of nearby villages under Corporate Social Responsibility.29/06/202010/07/202023/07/2020
3 CMM / FTP / 00-31-1-1215 Engineering, Preparation of Manufacturing Drawings, Procurement of Raw materials and standard components, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and Supply of 700 MWe Cobalt Adjustor Rod Shielding Flask and Evener Beam for 700 MWe Cobalt Adjustor Rod Shielding Flask for RAPP-7&8, NPCIL, Rawatbhata, P.O. Anushakti, Rajasthan - 323303.24/06/202029/07/202029/07/2020
4 CMM / FTP / 91-26-1-1205 Tender along with corrigendum - I, II & III Design, Analysis, Procurement of RawMaterial, Drawings, Fabrication, Painting, Inspection,Testing, Preservation, Documentation and Delivery ofStainless Steel Tanks along with Mandatory andCommissioning Spares for KKNPP-5&6 Project,Kudankulam.20/01/202031/07/202031/07/2020