क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 CMM / EIC / 61 - 81 - 3 - 3439 Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning and Warranty of IT Servers with online UPS & EPBAX for CMPAPP office.16/05/201920/06/201920/06/2019
2 CMM / OPS / 58 - 51 - 9 - 3240 Design, Engineering, Material, Construction, Manufacture, Inspection and Testing at the Contractor’s / Sub-Contractor’s works, Packing, Transportation and Delivery at Site, Storage, Handling, Erection, Testing and Commissioning at Site of two number, Three Phase, 400 KV, 125MVAR Bus Reactor along with all accessories including terminal connectors, HVWS System, online DGA System, Spares along with Dismantling of existing one number of 63 MVAR Bus Rector with all accessories, Shifting of existing 63 MVAR Bus Reactor to the place of storage at KGS Site & Existing 63 MVAR Bus Reactor foundation is to be modified for erection of 125 MVAR Bus Reactor (i.e. one no. of bus reactor out of two bus reactors). Remaining one bus reactor to be erected at new location.02/05/201907/06/201907/06/2019
3 CMM / FTP / 10 - 35 - 1 - 1196 Tender along with Corrigendum-I and II- Manufacture, Inspection, Assembly, Tubing, Wiring, Shop Testing, Packing and Safe Delivery and Guarantee of Fuelling Machine Heads along with Support Frame Assemblies, Service Tools, Assembly Carts, Transportation Crates, Levelling Mechanism Assembly, Parts of Lower Gimbal Assembly, Additional Assemblies & Components and Additional Ram Assemblies as per Drawings and Technical Specification as per Section-C for GHAVP – 1&2 Project.08/03/201906/06/201906/06/2019
4 CMM / FTP / 10 - 33 - 1 - 1168 Tender along with Corrigendum-I and II, Pre-Bid Response and Response to Additional Pre-Bid Query - (i) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and Transportation of Pressuriser assembly along with transportation and handling structures and mandatory spares and (ii) Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing and delivery of Bleed Condenser assembly along with support structures and mandatory spares for GHAVP-1 and 2. 14/02/201931/05/201931/05/2019
5 CMM / FTP / 00 - 33 - 1 - 1197 Tender along with Corrigendum-I, II ,III and IV, Pre-Bid Replies, Pre-Bid Response and Response to balance Pre-Bid queries along with drawings - Preparation of detailed fabrication drawings and documents, procurement of balance material (other than Free Issue Material), fabrication, inspection, examination, testing, preservation, tropical packaging, safe delivery at site and performance guarantee of set of Steam Generators and associated handling / erection / installation structures and Mandatory Spares for 700 MWe PHW Reactors under Fleet Mode.01/01/201931/05/201931/05/2019