क्रमांक निविदा क्रमांक विवरण प्रकाशन की तारीख बिक्री की अंतिम तारीख रसीद की अंतिम तारीख
1 NPCIL201920SIF01 Request for Quote (RFQ) for investment of NPCIL Self-Insurance Funds.17/02/202024/02/202024/02/2020
2 CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1210 Procurement of Raw Material, Manufacture, Inspection, Shop Testing, Assembly, Packing, Guarantee, Supply & safe Delivery of Fuel Locator Assemblies for Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana-1&2 (GHAVP-1&2), Haryana.13/02/202002/04/202002/04/2020
3 NAPS / CTC / MMU / 2020 / ST / 858 Overhauling of BHEL make 235 MWe Turbine and Generator Rotor threading out of NAPS#2.10/02/202025/02/202018/03/2020
4 CMM / FTP / 10-21-1-1211 Design, procurement of raw material, fabrication, inspection, testing, packing, safe delivery & guarantee of End Fitting Seal Bellows Assemblies, Carbon Steel Bellows End Pieces, Stainless Steel Bellows End Pieces, Bellows Assemblies for various Reactivity devices & Terminal Block Bellows for Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojna – 1&2 (GHAVP-1&2).27/01/202012/03/202012/03/2020
5 CMM / FTP / 91-26-1-1205 Tender along with corrigendum - I, Design, Analysis, Procurement of RawMaterial, Drawings, Fabrication, Painting, Inspection,Testing, Preservation, Documentation and Delivery ofStainless Steel Tanks along with Mandatory andCommissioning Spares for KKNPP-5&6 Project,Kudankulam.20/01/202016/04/202016/04/2020
6 CMM / MEQ / 10-30-2-1171 Design, Qualification of Design by Analysis, Preparation of drawings, Documents, Procedures, Procurement of materials, Manufacture, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, Packing & Forwarding, Safe Delivery to site and Guarantee of Safety Pump Motor Units(ECCS, PPP, SDCP & CSS Pump Motor Units) along with Mandatory spares & Special Tools as detailed in Specification no. PC-E-169 Rev.0, PC-E- 187 Rev.0, PC-E-186 Rev.0, PC-E-545 Rev.1, PC-E- 503 Rev.1, PC-E-502 Rev.1 and Data sheets for GHAVP-1&2 Project.31/12/201913/03/202013/03/2020
7 CMM / FTP / 10-36-1-1209 Tender along with corrigendum - I, II, Pre-Bid Response and Response to balance Pre-Bid queries, Passive Decay Heat Removal System - Condenser (PDHRS-CD) along with spares for GHAVP-1 and 2.24/12/201926/02/202026/02/2020
8 CMM / FTP / 10-31-1-1208 Tender along with corrigendum - I, pre bid response, Standpipe Thimble Package for GHAVP- 1 and 2.06/12/201912/03/202012/03/2020
9 CMM / MEQ / 10-71-2-1165 PLANT WATER PACKAGE (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning & Trial Operation and Operation & Maintenance of CLO2 & DM Plant for 700MWe Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor type Nuclear Power Plant) for Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana Unit 1 & 2, Haryana.03/12/201925/02/202025/02/2020